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Our Story


Leanna & Nikole


When Nikole Davie first coached one of Leanna Fisher’s daughters in 2014 on her all star cheer team, never did any of them dream they would open an All Star Cheer and Parkour gym less then 4 months after their first conversation.


Getting interested in cheer when she was in high school was a passion that Nikole carried on into her adult life coaching in facilities all over the Lower Mainland. Her dream was to one day own her own facility that would foster her values for the love of the sport and her athletes.

After attending their first cheer competition Leanna knew that she wanted to be a part of this amazing sport and approached Nikole about partnering and opening their own facility.


Less then 3 months after their first conversation and with only 7 athletes they opened the doors to Langley Cheer & Athletics. They are now in their third year of business and have added Parkour and Ninja Warrior programs as well as expanding the facility to almost double its original size. With almost 500 athletes, Langley Cheer & Athletics is becoming everything they always dreamed of and more.